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Resources To Help You Learn, Learn, Learn!

At Interact Well Care, we don’t expect you to rely on willpower alone to decrease your risk of dementia.

Instead, we want to add Skillpower to your Willpower by offering you lots of opportunities to learn about

  • Dementia, and Alzheimer’s dementia in particular,
  • The modifiable lifestyle choices you can make that will result in less chance of  dementia
  • How these changes will improve your overall organ and system health
  • Toxins to avoid and
  • Simple steps to change your future.

The Skillpower documents below are only the beginning. We’ll be adding many more in the future. We also recommend Dr. Sagha’s book Dementia Action Plan if you want to dive even deeper into this important issue.

You have the power to create healthier days ahead. What a great reason to smile!

Skillpower Documents