Dementia, a new perspective

Alois Alzheimer discovered plaques and tangles over 100 years ago. Every 3 seconds someone on the globe is diagnosed with this disease. It has become a global health and economic crisis. It's time to look at the disease with a wider lens.

Inflammation and Dementia

Did you know your brain has its own immune system? How chronic inflammation hurts your health and memory.

Air Pollution and Dementia

Did you know living near a heavily-traveled road can increase your odds of developing dementia? Polluted air contains contaminants that damage your brain.

Your Gut and Dementia

Your gut is also known as your second brain. What happens in your gut, happens in your brain. Learn how to help your gut so that your brain thrives.

Mitochondria and Dementia

Your brain requires one-fifth of your body's energy. Mitochondria in your cells produces that energy. Learn tips for improving your mitochondrial health.

Food and Dementia

Some foods are beautiful music to your brain, and some create discord. Learn about which foods to avoid and which to embrace.

Hormones and Dementia

Your hormones serve complex functions. See how your hormones impact your health and can better preserve your cognitive health.

Exercise and Dementia

Regular exercise is one of the best ways to improve your overall health and decrease your risk of dementia.

Loneliness and Dementia

Chronic loneliness is more dangerous than obesity and alcohol abuse. Learn how loneliness affects your brain and your health.

Stress and Dementia

Chronic stress damages your health. It does not spare your brain. Is there hope? Yes!

Sleep and Dementia

Lack of sleep is a public health crisis. Our cognitive health suffers. See some recommendations on improving your sleep.

Water and Dementia

The water you drink might be increasing your risk of dementia. Learn why this is true and what you can do in response.

Sensory Stimulation

If you keep your all senses stimulated, you’// encourage your neurons’ continued activity.


Caregivers are the unsung heroes of the dementia crisis. We offer words of encouragement and gratitude.

Safety and Dementia

Prioritize your safety. A healthy brain is your ultimate protection against accidents.

Three Hallmarks of Alzheimer’s

Illustration of the Hallmarks of Alzheimer's dementia. Beta-Amyloid, Tau or Neurofibrillary Tangles, and brain shrinkage.